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Rule #5: Harden The Fuck Up.

The Rules

Finska Kompaniet

The back of the peloton is not the place for us. You’ll find us up front, doing the work. Or already way ahead in a breakaway. But none of us is as strong as all of us. We acknowledge the power of the group and find pleasure in working for each other. What’s good for the group is good for you. We don’t like crashes and we don’t want to risk our health or be unfair just to be first.

Because life is short with so many rides to ride. So many jokes to laugh at. So many beautiful bikes. So many strong coffees and cold beers. So many climbs to climb, so many KOMs to steal. Strong legs and big hearts, that’s what we hope you think of when you hear Finska Kompaniet is around. Sound good? Then join us for a ride! But keep up – we won’t wait for you.