Finska Kompaniet

For more info on our open rides, please visit Finska Kompaniet on Facebook. You’re welcome to come along on a ride, get to know us and find out what the Hakkapeliitta spirit is all about. We look forward to having you!

If you like the ride, you may want to apply for membership in Finska Kompaniet. It’s easy: Send your application to our secretary [email protected] (in Finnish, Swedish or English) with a brief explanation of why you’d like to join us. We encourage you to supply some sort of verifiable data on your physical fitness – for instance, a link to a ride on Strava or similar. You don’t need one of the current members to vouch for you, but if one does, it certainly helps. Your application will be processed by the board together with the team captain.

FK is a registered association (Finska Kompaniet ry/rf) with 85 members (as of April 2018). The board consists of Janne Elkala (chairman), Aliisa Priha (secretary), Tom Siegfrids (economy), Mika Övermark and Jussi Heiro.


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